Daily Archives: November 17, 2005


I’m Playing around with a new plugin called MTGoogleMaps By Nick Punter. It’s a cool idea and should be fun to implement. Also, the PERL code is a nice and neat piece of programing.

Update: It would have helped if I had the HTML::Template and LWP::Simple perl Modules installed. Fixed via ´perl -MCPAN -e shell´ and just installing them.

Another Update: Get the Process Tags plugin. With my installation of MT, Embedded Tags in the Entry won’t work without it. After installing it I changed my Templates from ´<$MTEntryBody$>´ to ´<$MTEntryBody process_tags="1" $>´ which seemed to do the trick nicely.

Yet Another Update: Don’t use the Ajaxify WYSIWYG Plugin with this as Ajaxify striped out all sorts of things!

Last Update: In GoogleMap.pl, sub jstemplate, fixed a slight and subtle bug:
$loglat .= "$1, $2"; to
$loglat = "$1, $2";

Also added zoomcontrol and Maptype as parameters.

The Map was created with:
<MTGoogleMaps address="11 Madison avenue,NY, NY, 10010"
info="11 Madison Avenue Nice Place"

zoomcontrol can be “large” or “small”
maptype can be "map", "hybrid", or "satellite"
Both zoomcontrol and maptype are optional.

My Modifications are trivial, Nick Punter did the hard work by researching the hows and why to apply this to Movable Type.

Note:It breaks with Internet Explorer. Bizarre! It works fine in Firefox & Opera!!! The authors Web page blows up too.

Anyone use Safari on a Mac? Let me know the result at sd_042 ât yahoo.com

I’m betting that the HTML that gets generated is not quite agreeable to Internet Explorer so I’ve modified the generated javascript code to detect the browser. I’ve isolated it to the script block, but can’t quite figure out what it is exactly. I’ll put it on my List of things to do…