Daily Archives: November 15, 2005

Finally fixed the RSS feed on my Blog…

Finally Fixed the RSS feed on my page. I use my Blog as a book mark for sites I like and I include RSS feeds. Originally, I used a MT plugin to put the RSS info in, but that meant that it would only be updated when I updated my Blog.

Solution: Write a PERL script.

My current implementation is not at all elegant. I use WGET to pull down the  RSS feed, some simple parsing in PERL and Boom! I have my RSS in my margin. Run it via a crontab entry, a simple PHP include and I have links provided by my favorite RSS feeds. The right way would to get the RSS data, parse it via XML::Parse and work with the resulting data structure.

Maybe That will be my next task… 

Update: Ok, rewriting it to use XML::RSS and XML::Parser was a little Too easy. I still use WGET, but pulled out the RSS parsing I put in previously.