Ipod Nano 4g and Ipod tough 2G disected

Well, that didn’t take long. I saw this on Google News:

New iPods dissected, iPod touch 2G has Bluetooth. Sorta

Which will ultimately lead to ifixit.com’s web site where they actually do the dissecting of the new ipod Touch. They also dissect the new Nano.  Both are a pretty interesting read with good photographs of the two Ipods.

Me, I have a 3G Ipod that has 15 Gb of disk. It works for me, but lately the battery is not holding a charge for longer than two hours of play. That covers my commute back home, but it is annoying having to charge it every day. At this time, the 16Gb Ipod Nano is $199 while the 120 gb Ipod Classic is $249.

The Ipod Classic has up to 36 hours of music play time of music on a full charge, while the Ipod Nano has up to 24 hours. Either would be a great improvement over my current Ipod.

When my current Ipod dies, I think I’ll end up getting the Ipod Classic. The Ipos Nano is tempting, but for the extra $50, I figure I should just get the 120Gb model.
The Ipod Classic.

Music I’m listening to right Now:
Geek in the Pink” by Jason Mraz from the “Mr. A-Z” album. You can see the video here on vh1.

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