September 11th, 2008

WTC Fountain

As I mentioned the last two years, the above photo is from This is how I want to remember the World Trade Center and the people I knew there, not the smoldering ruin or empty pit that it later became.

A lot has happened since last year. I did not intend to take the day off this year, but as it happened, I ended up working from home. This year, I find that remembering the the tragedy of that day does not hurt as much. In the past, I could not watch any of the many documentaries on account that I simply felt uncomfortable.

We’re now in another election cycle and the GOP is (for now) toning down the rhetoric. Frankly, while I blame the terrorist who actually did this evil act, 9/11 is, IMO, the GW Bush administration’s biggest failure, which is saying a lot as they demonstrate incompetence in most matters. Ironically, the GOP is touting Sen. McCain’s Vietnam experience (Gee, Any stupid, offensive purple heart Bandaids this time??? No?)

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Nothing. I’m just taking it easy today.

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