Storage issues…

HDMind you I really like my Nikon D80, but at the Volume of pictures I take combined with shooting RAW images and 10.2 Mega pixels, I max out my Hard disk on a regular basis.

It's down to a routine:

  1. I take photographs, attempt to download them to my PC
  2. get a nasty message saying the Drive is full.
  3. I burn a few days worth of Images to DVD
  4. A week or two later repeat step 1.

On the plus side, My images get burned to DVD fairly often, but I was thinking there may be a better way.

  • Ignoring budget constraints: The Netgear SC101. It allows you to plug this onto your network and look like a regular Drive in Windows. I like that it's low cost but currently not designed to work with windows. Also I keep reading negative things in reviews available on the Web.
  • Another option (again ignoring budget) is the LaCie Biggest F800. It has RAID support but It only has Firewire and USB 2.0, not Ethernet.
  • Yet another option is putting a Adaptec ATA RAID 1200A into the PC and mirror two drives. Might be th most cost effective way of ensuring Safe data. The RAID Card is about $75 and two Maxtor 500gb Drives are about $275 to $300 each. 

I could simply add a new HD but that would prolong the issue. Likely I'll go with the 3rd option with SATA drives. When I get a new PC (Mine is a Pentium 4 from 2001…) I could just add the drives into the new case.

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