New Phone

V3mIt's that time of year again to renew or change our Cell Plan. Using Verizon for more years than I can count, we gave them another shot at keeping our business. I broke down and got the Motorola RAZR V3m.

Feature Breakdown and Comments:

  • Ultra-thin design – This was a selling point for me. It's Thin, small and very light
  • Blue tooth Capable – Very handy. The blue tooth headset also works with my Laptop VOIP software freeing me of my USB tether. 
  • Voice Dialing – Nice, works via the Blue tooth headset too.
  • Speakerphone – Works surprisingly well and I've used it twice already.
  • microSD™ card slot – Might use this as I tend to go nuts with MP3 ring tones. Several people in my Phone Book get a Police Siren when the call me.
  • "Standard" USB cable – I carry everything in my knap sack and anything that can be multi purpose is really appreciated. In this case, the same USB cable can charge the Blue tooth Headset is the same one that can charge the phone via any USB jack. That means I leave the charger at home and plug the USB cable to my work computer to charge the Phone. The same cable can be used with my Sandisk Multi card reader, Nikon D80, Sony GPS-CS1, and Canon S410.

These features are ok, but of not really selling points to me:

  • 1.3M Camera – Likely not to use it much as I carry a Nikon D80 10 mega pixel camera 90 percent of the time. My 4 year old Nephew had fun with it.
  • V CAST Music and Video Service – Cute and nice if you want it, but I'll never use it as I have an IPOD.
  • VZ Navigator through Get It Now® – Maybe it would be useful outside of NYC, but another one I'll likely never use.
  • TTY Compatible
    vHearing Aid Compatibility = M3
    – Good to know.
  • Meets FCC SAR limit. Manufacturer's highest FCC reported SAR 1.14 at ear, 1.56 on body.  – Read about SAR here.

All in all I'm happy with it. We did have an issue with the 1st Bluetooth headset they gave me, but they replaced it with no fuss.

Here is a detailed Review: Motorola Razr V3m Review – CNET

Music I'm listening to right Now:

"Call Me Call Me" from "Cowboy Bebop: Blue".


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