Daily Archives: October 12, 2006

Verizon Phone Service – Strike 3

 It rained last night. What powers of observation did I apply to figure that out? Simple, for the 3rd time since September 16th , my home phone is dead since It goes out every time it rains. I first called for service at about 8:40am, at 7:15pm, it's still dead. I'm told that they are working on it.

To make life perfect, the DSL line is spotty AND I'm attempting to  work from home today…  

Cable Modem is looking better and better…

Music I'm listening to right Now:
"Here It Goes Again " by OK go from the "Oh No " Album.


Keith Olbermann on The Military Commissions Act

As other people have pointed out “The Military Commissions Act” passed by Congress is dangerous as it has no clear definition of what defines an “Enemy combatant”. Keith Olbermann does a fine job of explaining why this is such a badly written law and points out that it is whittling away at the Bill of Rights. He also does a great job of once again demonstrating what a complete hypocrite President George W. Bush is. This is such a “hot” issue, that he can’t schedule a time to sign it? Riiiiight… BTW, while Keith Olbermann is being sarcastic (loved the “Why Does Habeas Corpus Hate America?“), people should realize this: If something can be abused it will be. The founding fathers of the United States did NOT trust Government, which is why the codified the bill of rights. Even if the current president doesn’t abuse this (Wow, What Are the Odds?), it doesn’t mean others won’t. This is not a “partisan” issue, it’s potentially a Constitutional one.It used to be that you could depend on the Supreme Court to strike down laws like this one since it smacks in the face of the Constitution (i.e. Attempted murder of Habeas Corpus) but with this line up, who knows?
Music I’m listening to right Now:

Crazy” by Seal from his “Seal” Album (1991). It seemed appropriate.