Merry Christmas!

Simply put: Christmas was great!

My wife and I spent a nice quite Christmas Eve together. It was really nice since it was the first one we’ve spent as a married couple. Sunday, Christmas Day, we first went over to my twin brothers house and contributed to spoiling our Niece and Nephew with presents.

Later in the afternoon, we went to my younger brothers house for our Annual Christmas Dinner. Every year, My sister-in-law spends the entire day cooking and we get to have Really Good Food! Going there has been a tradition for quite a while and I look forward to it every year. Both my family and my sister-in-law’s family meet and have a really good time.

For presents, I got everything I wanted, including a much needed Wallet from my Wife, a model from my brother and other good stuff as well.

New Years Eve is shaping up nicely too. My Best Man, Henry is having a New Years Eve party at his apartment.  It Seems fitting as my wife and I went to his New Years Eve Party a few years ago shortly after we started dating.


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