Monthly Archives: December 2009

“atheism” sub reddit…

(sigh) The “atheism” sub reddit is, IMO, getting out of hand. I have absolutely no problem with anyone’s personal beliefs (or lack there of), but I’m getting tired of going to Reddit and seeing constant headlines from “atheism” berating people who believe in God or how so and so “owned” someone else.  I get it: “Religion caused 9/11”, Herpes, Dark Ages, “Religious People are Low IQ Morons”, “You can’t believe in Science and Religion”, etc.  I can’t stand intolerance, religious or otherwise,  and, IMO, most of those posts are intolerant. I’m pretty close to ditching Reddit as a result.

Wow, it’s been a while… resultsLot of things going on.
We are now using Verizon FIOS (see speedtest results). After having one issue or another with TWC every week, it just got too tiring. When VZ called me up and  I priced out FIOS for TV, Phone and Internet, It’s just cheaper for me and my wife. On top of that, we get faster Internet, all HD channels we want, and the DVR works better. So, for now, we’re happy with Verizon FIOS. Since it is a NEW Fiber optic line coming into the house, I hope this eliminates all the issues I had with the original Copper line.

I have NOT been able to do many Photo Walk abouts in the last 6 months but I have joined a Camera Club at work. It’s fun and I have a chance to meet and network with new people. The Club covers events for work and is a lot of fun.

My Wife and I are expecting a Baby. Needless to say, we are happy to add to our Family!