How to freak out Tourists…


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In my last post, I was so busy ranting on the poor state of affairs, that I failed to mention the funniest part of the weekend.

Since we were working all weekend, our employer arranged for us to get Hotel rooms nearby. The Plan was:

  1. Come in on Saturday, do the 1st part of the work by 5:00pm.
  2. Have dinner, and stay at the hotel.
  3. Come back to work at 4:00am Sunday to finish the 2nd half of the job.
  4. By 1:00pm Go back to hotel and optionally take a nap before going home. Our employer was to arrange late check out.

Great plan, right? Problem is, #4 wasn't told to the hotel. 1:30pm comes around, I'm in dire need of sleep and I go up to my room. I get there and a maid's Cart is right outside my door with the door being slightly ajar. 

Which ultimately leads me to "How to freak out Tourists".

The hotel removed my belongings and rented the room out to someone else. I opened the door, saw two people unpacking (causing one to jump!), Double checked the room number, apologized for disturbing them and went to the front desk.

When I got to the front desk, I inquired about the mix up and asked where my belongings were. Turns out the new occupants of the room did not realize the door was ajar and thought I used my Key to get in. This led to a very worried phone call to the front desk demanding how someone could use a pass key to get into their room. 

After explaining my side of it, the man at the front desk called them back:

"No, sir, a maid's cart was outside your door, your door was ajar, and the previous guest just pushed it open."

"Sir, I understand your upset, but really, He's right here and that's what he says happened!"

"Yes sir, He just returned the door key…"

 I'd be upset too, but then I always bolt my door when I'm in a hotel. 

Image from another hotel I passed on a walk. 


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