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Flash Flooding…

Sudden Rain

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Today we had flash Flooding here in Queens. I
Had to work from home today as we could NOT get into Manhattan. On the Plus side, I can telecommute to work, so I'm good, but my wife had to take a personal day. It's not too often that rain comes down that fast, but when it does, it's quite a problem.

The Subways and Even the highway was all over flowed with water. On the plus side, I don't need to water the Garden today… 

That's a photo on the right from a Good Rainy Day. 

Music I'm listening to right Now:

Never Again by Kelly Clarkson from the "My December" Album. 

Might be bringing Lazy to new heights…

Toro Ok, I’ve pointed out that I’m a programmer because I like to make the computer work for me. Recently, My old lawnmower stalled once too often and I got a new one from Home Depot (They had the best price) to replace it. My requirements are pretty simple:

  • Must be 6.5 Horsepower.
  • Must be able to tune it. The old one had a carburetor that could not be adjusted in any way which made tuning it impossible.
  • Must to be able to mulch.
  • Must be able to buy parts for it.

So we went shopping and I decided to go with a Toro. My reasoning is that they make fine lawn mowers, have a great reputation and you could order any parts for it.

Here is the lazy part: It has front wheel drive. That may not sound lazy until you consider our house is on a 40 by 100 ft parcel and the house and garage take up most of it.

Music I’m listening to right Now:

General Attitude by Collective Soul from the “Youth” Album.