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Again, Way too F______ Busy Lately…

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As many people
can testify, I don't have many rules in my life but one I really try to live by is:

"Work to live, Don't live to work"

For a variety of reasons, I've worked the 3 of the past 4 weekends, Worked to 11pm at night for 3 days of the past work week (Yes, 9:00am to 11:00pm) and all because other people could not line up their crap in a row. It's a holiday weekend and I've worked Saturday and Sunday. Actually, I'm cool with that last one as it was planned months in advance. 

Needless to say, I'm in serious violation of the above rule. I try to help people whenever I can, but frankly, I'm approaching the point where I resist the urge to simply say "Really?? No kidding, It's broken??"

I'm not taking care of my own projects, I need a couple of days off to get some personal business done and my managers, by no fault of their own, are sucked into projects at the 11th hour. I can't tell you how often I've heard "My Project has TOP Priority!!!!" from people that are not my managers. I explain to them that they need to have a chat with my managers, but it never happens.

Where I work, I'm on of a team of jack-of-all-trades in Networking that gets pulled into everything network related. We literally get pulled into projects that are global in scope ranging from Web browsing, DNS, Email, custom application development, Info Security, Network topology, execution and operational planning. The entire team is top notch in our field. It's fun and challenging work, but this is getting really old. 

I try not to get stressed, and I go for impromptu photo walks with friends, like the one the above photo is from.  It's fun, relaxing and I'm occasionally lucky enough to come across scenes like the one above.

Update: Actually, giving it more thought, I've been working like this most of the Summer! As I've not used it, time to take some vacation. Wonder if the Mrs. wants to go on a drive to Canada?

Music I'm listening to right Now:

Bang On! by Propellerheads from the "Decksandrumsandrockandroll" Album.