Ok, Verizon just Sucks.

PhoneIt rained Friday night which means my phone service went down yet again. This has only been going on since September 14th.

Ok,  I tried to be patient, but I go thru the usual song and dance and apparently complete waste of time by calling Verizon Phone Repair, ask to speak to a manager and get promptly hung up on. I Have a complaint in to Verizon about that AND a complaint is being opened up to their Business office Monday. My Last bill has a “Credit” of less than $3. I can’t wait to call the City and file a complaint in writing.

Maybe it’s me. maybe I just get lucky enough to deal with people with absolutely no idea how to fix a phone line. After all, It’s TWO WIRES connected to my house, down a telephone pole, to a Central office back to a Verizon Hub (Or what ever it’s called). Obviously, This is New Cutting Edge Technology (The Phone was JUST invented, Right?) and it takes a certain amount of patience to actually trackdown and inspect the few hundred feet of TWO WIRES to actually find the problem.

The Best Part? Everyone who comes out to look at it traces it a few blocks, Observes that it goes into the ground and then has to open a trouble ticket to yet another group just to look at it. That other group takes a peek several days later and says “Looks OK to me!” and apparently does nothing. By the time they look at it at least four days have passed, the rain water that caused the problem has evaporated and the phone line starts to work albiet with lots of Static.

This situation is just beyond words. I’m betting I’ll be back here writing about how much Verizon Sucks in January.

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5 responses to “Ok, Verizon just Sucks.

  1. Here’s the only way to get results from Verizon.

    Call their regular customer care number. Inform them that you’re having a problem that’s not being handled correctly and you want it resolved.

    Now, after they give you the shpiel, if it isn’t up to your standards, tell them that you’re taking the matter out of their hands because of their inability to deal with it, and you’re calling the New York State (not NYC btw) Public Service Commission and filing a formal complaint

    Once they hear those magic words, you’d be amazed at how quickly that problem gets dealt with.

    The city has no power over Verizon, but the state can shut ’em down if they want.

  2. Vinny, I will follow your advice first thing Monday Morning. This is a Nightmare! I run two servers, support my job from home via that line and it going down every single time it rains is really driving me nuts. As I write this, the operator (BTW, with the exception of the one who hung up on me, they’ve been incredibly professional) informed me that thy have a “Major Cable Failure” and are working on it.

    Want to bet it goes down after the next rain??

  3. My grandfather had a problem with his phoneline for 8 months. He called and called. I told him to call the PSC and he ignored me, choosing instead to deal with Verizon who insisted that the problem would be fixed when they laid down new cable in his neighborhood. In 2 years. Finally, my dad called me and said, “What do I have to do to get grandpa’s phone fixed?”

    I told him to do what I told my grandfather to do; call the NYS PSC. He made a phone call, and an hour later, Verizon called my father. A Verizon tech was at my grandfather’s house the next day. He figured out that the pair he had was bad and just pulled a pair off one of the neighbor’s pairs (each house got 3 pairs, but most were only using one or two). Suddenly, the problem was gone.

    After dealing with the issue forever, my grandfather’s problem was solved in approximately 3 days.

    Verizon fears the Public Service Commission in a profound way.

  4. Don’t feel bad..my parent works for Verizon and we can’t get help either..Instead of using their internet service, which I knew would be a nightmare, we went with Comcast. I love it when a company tries to use the excuse “well it must be your computer..or the top notch reply..must be because you are using a MAC”. Usually my response is..”explain it to me how it is my computer.. when I have three of them and one is a PC”.

    And the landline still isn’t working properly.

  5. I Hate Mondays! So far it’s been one meeting after another! I’ve not had the time to call anyone…

    Zincink, I’m really trying to be patient but It’s difficult… 😉

    I use DSL for the 5 Static IP’s I get for my servers. I’m investigating Static IP’s over Cable, but so fay no good. The Funny thing is: Verizon may roll out FIOS in my area within the next year!