Being Sick in the summer Sucks

RobitussinEspecially when I have so much work to do. We're still painting our 1st floor of our house and we have three rooms left. I have one hell of a head cold with Aches, head aches and Stuffy Sinuses. Attempting to sleep does not help…

To make life more entertaining, I was supposed to go to get blood drawn for a Physical and I couldn't since I couldn't concentrate enough to drive. Now I have to reschedule that and take more time off from work.

Painting the house is coming along slowly. Our living room and dinnete area is nearly complete. Now we have two more rooms and we're all done. The painting isn't so hard but plastering the cracks is. This house was built in the early fifty's and the walls are a combination of Plaster over mortar over wood slats. So, you get small cracks in odd places which is easy to seal with Spackling compound (in this case DAP DryDex Spackling) and some drywall joint tape (also by DAP) and sand smooth when dry. 

BTW: In My opinion, Home Depot really needs to fix their web site. Searching for something on it is next to impossible and I can't find ANY reference to the two DAP products on it using the search. It was as bad as attempting to find these things in the store.

Music I'm listening to right Now:
"Move Along" by The All-American Rejects from the "Move Along " Album.

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