Daily Archives: June 14, 2006

MTYahooMaps – Slight Update

Took a look at the Yahoo Maps API Flash Docs and discovered that they updated the API to version 3. Seems to be a little more stable, so I’m adding some functionality to the MTYahooMaps Plugin I wrote. I’ve added a “mapsathyb” keyword that will take “map”, “sat” or “hyb” as Parameters.

Update: Got the bugs out and it seems to work well in the Flash version. Need to clean the code a little and figure out how to add a recenter button.

Another Update: Fixing the AJAX version. Also Switched to Yahoo Geocoder. Above is the Flash version and below, AJAX.

Yet Another Update: Just a comment really; I haven’t looked at the code in a long time. Even though I Commented it, it still took me a little to figure out Why I did somethings in the Perl Code…

You can get the Updated program here.

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