Daily Archives: June 13, 2006

News that make me worry

Dept. of Homeland SecurityWhen I'm online, I browse several News sites such as CNN. Going there today I see: "Homeland Security accepts fake ID"

"No real Story" I thought until I open the link and see:

"A man using a fake identification card was able to enter the Homeland Security Department headquarters in Washington, he said, even though the United States government considers the type of Mexican-issued card he used invalid."

It's moments like that makes me worry. This was the DHS Headquarters! Don't they Train their own Security Guards??

I wonder if they will charge that Retired New York City policeman with a crime? I Hope not, but this administration tends to go after the messenger rather than fix the problem.

Music I'm listening to right Now
Nothing at the moment. 

You know you’ve hit the Big time when…

Geek LoveSomeone cross links one of your photo's. 

Occasionally, I review my web server logs to get a feel for the traffic that goes there and one of the things I've noticed was cross linking from a Xanga Site. In general this could ba a bad thing but the traffic isn't all that much so it's not really a problem. Since my photo's or blog doesn't usually attract that Age group, I visited the site. There it is, my photo as a Centered Background image. Maybe I should take it seriously, but I'm pleased that someone actually likes one of my photos enough to put it on their personal site. 

I'd link to his site but I've just contacted him via Email and since the Site is entirely in Chinese it's possible that he did give me credit. Also, people might flood his site which I'd like to prevent prior to hearing back from him.

I've sent him an Email formerly giving him permission to use it on his Xanga site and to put a small text saying he has permission from the Owner. 

Music I'm listening to right Now
"Come" by Namie Amuro from her "Style" Album.
I first heard this from the Ending theme from an Inuyasha episode. Since it's almost entirely in Japanese, I Have No idea what's being said but it sounds great.