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MTGoogleMaps Slight update

Updated the Perl code a Little. Now uses Version 2 of the GoogleMaps API.
Still sick but If I lie down to rest, my head gets all stuffed up..

Update: Fixed Javascript code generation.
Update II: Testing Google Geocoder.
Update III: Google Geocoder works. Working on Multiple Markers

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"Stay on the Road" by Corrinne May from the "Corrinne May/Fly Away" Album.

Testing BlogJet

Protestors-fixedTesting BlogJet. It's a Windows client for blog’s . That’s a photo I took in 1991 when I was a student at Baruch College.
Get your copy here:

Update: Seems to work. Could use some better status messages and a Cancel button.
Update II: It lower cases the URL’s!  As URL’s are case sensitive, that’s Bad and A complete showstopper.
Update III: Nice Software with only One Bug so far. I have to email the author and see if it can be fixed. I *think* it may be related to the Spellchecker, but I'm not sure.

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"Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley from the "St. Elsewhere" Album.


Being Sick in the summer Sucks

RobitussinEspecially when I have so much work to do. We're still painting our 1st floor of our house and we have three rooms left. I have one hell of a head cold with Aches, head aches and Stuffy Sinuses. Attempting to sleep does not help…

To make life more entertaining, I was supposed to go to get blood drawn for a Physical and I couldn't since I couldn't concentrate enough to drive. Now I have to reschedule that and take more time off from work.

Painting the house is coming along slowly. Our living room and dinnete area is nearly complete. Now we have two more rooms and we're all done. The painting isn't so hard but plastering the cracks is. This house was built in the early fifty's and the walls are a combination of Plaster over mortar over wood slats. So, you get small cracks in odd places which is easy to seal with Spackling compound (in this case DAP DryDex Spackling) and some drywall joint tape (also by DAP) and sand smooth when dry. 

BTW: In My opinion, Home Depot really needs to fix their web site. Searching for something on it is next to impossible and I can't find ANY reference to the two DAP products on it using the search. It was as bad as attempting to find these things in the store.

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"Move Along" by The All-American Rejects from the "Move Along " Album.

Effective Advertising


Liberty Mutual - Responsibility


Not too often I come across an Advertisement that I really grabs me, but the recent Liberty Mutual – Responsibility commercial by Hill Holliday is really a good example of perfect advertising.

It very simply and effectively gets the message out about Liberty Mutual while showing everyday people being inspired to be nice to others by watching others do simple and good things. You can see the video on their Blog. Very Cool spot, I hope they get an award for it.

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"Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley from the "St. Elsewhere " Album.


How to Cancel an AOL Account…

Among the sites I go to is where I read about Vincent Ferrari’s ordeal when he tried to simply cancel his AOL account. Being told it was a painful process, Vincent recorded the call for posterity.


I visit Vincent’s Flickr site on a fairly regular basis and I thought “There can’t be two men named Vincent Ferrari!”. After hearing the above audio, I have yet another reason to respect Vincent. He was a lot more polite than I would have been.

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Madonna and Child

Madonna and Child

Originally uploaded by S.D..

During my walk, I came across Mr. Hani Shihada. Looking him up in Google was really worth it.

Being on a lunch Break, I couldn't really stay long but even watching him work for a few minutes was well worth it.

I wonder how long these last? I'll try to go back tomorrow.


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"Walk Away" by Kelly Clarkson from her "Breakaway" Album. 

MTYahooMaps – Slight Update

Took a look at the Yahoo Maps API Flash Docs and discovered that they updated the API to version 3. Seems to be a little more stable, so I’m adding some functionality to the MTYahooMaps Plugin I wrote. I’ve added a “mapsathyb” keyword that will take “map”, “sat” or “hyb” as Parameters.

Update: Got the bugs out and it seems to work well in the Flash version. Need to clean the code a little and figure out how to add a recenter button.

Another Update: Fixing the AJAX version. Also Switched to Yahoo Geocoder. Above is the Flash version and below, AJAX.

Yet Another Update: Just a comment really; I haven’t looked at the code in a long time. Even though I Commented it, it still took me a little to figure out Why I did somethings in the Perl Code…

You can get the Updated program here.

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"All Eyes on Me" by Goo Goo Dols from the "Dizzy Up the Girl" Album.

News that make me worry

Dept. of Homeland SecurityWhen I'm online, I browse several News sites such as CNN. Going there today I see: "Homeland Security accepts fake ID"

"No real Story" I thought until I open the link and see:

"A man using a fake identification card was able to enter the Homeland Security Department headquarters in Washington, he said, even though the United States government considers the type of Mexican-issued card he used invalid."

It's moments like that makes me worry. This was the DHS Headquarters! Don't they Train their own Security Guards??

I wonder if they will charge that Retired New York City policeman with a crime? I Hope not, but this administration tends to go after the messenger rather than fix the problem.

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You know you’ve hit the Big time when…

Geek LoveSomeone cross links one of your photo's. 

Occasionally, I review my web server logs to get a feel for the traffic that goes there and one of the things I've noticed was cross linking from a Xanga Site. In general this could ba a bad thing but the traffic isn't all that much so it's not really a problem. Since my photo's or blog doesn't usually attract that Age group, I visited the site. There it is, my photo as a Centered Background image. Maybe I should take it seriously, but I'm pleased that someone actually likes one of my photos enough to put it on their personal site. 

I'd link to his site but I've just contacted him via Email and since the Site is entirely in Chinese it's possible that he did give me credit. Also, people might flood his site which I'd like to prevent prior to hearing back from him.

I've sent him an Email formerly giving him permission to use it on his Xanga site and to put a small text saying he has permission from the Owner. 

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"Come" by Namie Amuro from her "Style" Album.
I first heard this from the Ending theme from an Inuyasha episode. Since it's almost entirely in Japanese, I Have No idea what's being said but it sounds great.



Way too busy…

Been so busy at work and other things, I've not had time to post or take photos. Next week should be better but I'll still be busy painting the inside of our house.  Should be fun, but probably messy.

At least the Blue Sky made an appearance.  It's been raining all week and even when I could get out, I was willing to take pictures since the Rain came down too hard. I actually like pictures of outdoors during rain, but question the weather proof characteristics of my D70s. Maybe a Shower cap for the Camera?

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