Fault Tolerant Servers

Words you never want to see on a Server console:

Hit F1 to Rebuild Drive

Needless to say, I was a little Worried. The Proliant is an Odd and quirky server to set up. The 256 megs of RAM in it do not have a sequential addressing scheme. For the Non technical: It has big gaps in it's memory. To get Linux to "see" the memory properly, you have to map the memory segments in grub.conf or Linux will think you have 640K only and will just not install. 

Aside from this, the server  is a Pentium Pro with Old SCSI drives that are one big sequential volume. I've set it up and forgot about how I did that exactly. Being a bit of a chicken, I did NOT hit F1, backed up the server and then rebooted and hit F1. It came up perfectly and near as I can tell, the files are intact. RAID is a beautiful thing.

BTW, I know the Proliant 5000 is an old  server with "old" technology, but that's exactly why I'm using it. Linux has a small footprint so it doesn't need a "Kick Ass" server to run nicely. To make life more fun, Compaq SCSI drives are more reliable than IDE with a lower MTBF.

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