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Mars Needs Women

No not really, but the Title got your attention. Google now has Google Mars. This is on top of Google Moon and Google Earth. You could read about it here on Google Blog.

It's a pretty interesting site that allows you to, among other things, allows you to find out where various space craft (or their remains) is located on Mars surface. As a child, I had a gigantic Map of Mars on my wall from the National Geographic. The Google Mars site makes me wish we had Web pages back in the day…

"Mars Needs Women" was a movie in 1967. You so have to go to BMovie Central to see an actual clip of the movie. I kid you not, the Main character, Dop, wears what looks like a Wet suit with Duct Tape for Silver Stripes.

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"Did You Get My Message?" by Jason Mraz  from Mr. A-Z


Flickr Meetup – Hey Hot Shot!

Via the NYC Social Flickr group, photographers have the opportunity to meet people with the same interest in photography. It also gives you the opportunity to meet people who actually post on Flickr. This is the second one I've been too and like the first, it was a lot of fun. This is the photo we took in the Really Small vestibule at Nyonya, a really good Malaysian restaurant on Grand Street. Many is the time I've eaten there and I highly recommend it. A few of us went there after meeting at the Hey Hot Shot reception.

In this meet up, we went to the Jen Bekman gallery Wednesday night. Lots of great photo's displayed, interesting people; in short, It was a lot of fun. I got wind of it via the NYC Social Flickr group, but it's been advertised via word of mouth all over the place.

The "Hey Hot Shot" competition is a great idea by Jen Bekman. It gives interested photographers a chance to submit their work, have it reviewed by professionals and, if selected by the panel, displayed. I think it's a great idea and I hope for it's a continued success.

Photo originally posted by me on my Flickr account

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"Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head" by Gorillaz from Demon Days


Evil Trackback SPAM

Lately I’ve been inundated with Way too much Trackback SPAM. I need to figure a way to make it harder for the SPAMERS to do that. The Usual Plugins have limited effect so I’m just turning it off. If anyone wants to have a TB to me, leave a comment.

On a related note Comment SPAM seems to have been completely knocked out by the SCODE plugin. It was a pain to configure GD on Fedora Linux (issues Totally NOT related to SCODE), but well worth it. I’m building a new server so I’ll document the step by step procedure to get GD installed to a point that SCODE (And anything else) can use it. If you have MT and get comment SPAM I can’t recommend SCODE enough.

Image of a can of Hormel Spam which, IMO, tastes good with Scrambled Eggs and white rice.