Evil Trackback SPAM

Lately I’ve been inundated with Way too much Trackback SPAM. I need to figure a way to make it harder for the SPAMERS to do that. The Usual Plugins have limited effect so I’m just turning it off. If anyone wants to have a TB to me, leave a comment.

On a related note Comment SPAM seems to have been completely knocked out by the SCODE plugin. It was a pain to configure GD on Fedora Linux (issues Totally NOT related to SCODE), but well worth it. I’m building a new server so I’ll document the step by step procedure to get GD installed to a point that SCODE (And anything else) can use it. If you have MT and get comment SPAM I can’t recommend SCODE enough.

Image of a can of Hormel Spam which, IMO, tastes good with Scrambled Eggs and white rice.


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