Backup Server is up and running

Ok, some background: My current server is an Old Comaq Proliant 5000. The current Kernel does not support my SCSI drive array without recompiling the Kernel. To make matter worse, one of the drives in the array is reporting that it needs rebuilding. I have a backup server (which while faster is not as Fault Tolerant) for just this contingency.

Build the Server: Done
Install All needed PERL Modules: Done
Install MySQL: Done
Install Movable Type: Done
Restore the DB and certain Directories: Done
Test MT: No Good

The problem: Getting GD to work. 

What a Pain that was. I have a tendancy of getting proficient on things that work, so when something new breaks, it takes me a little while to figure it out properly. In this case, the "fix" was re installing GD-Devel.

Music I'm listening to now
"Would You…?" by "Touch and Go" from their "I Find You Very Attractive" Album. 

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