Digging up Old Pictures

Most years, I ski 3 to 4 weekends a year slipping to the west coast for skiing in Utah, Lake Tahoe, and Vancouver Canada.

At Brighton, On day one of the trip, I managed to sprain my Ankle and then 2 day’s later doing this while attempting to learn Snow Boarding (Yes, I did it During the Lesson!). Needless to say I’m sticking to Skiing.

The odd thing was, Other then when I tried to use that arm for getting up, it didn’t hurt all that much. The really funny part was that the Ski Guide had to be called down from the mountain. They wanted me to get into a stretcher, but as it was less than a 200 feet walk, I declined. They pulled out notepads and took really good notes as I was the first Dislocation one of them had ever treated…

Here is what the Arm Should Look like after they put it back:

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