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Vice President debate

Came home a little late. So far no out right Gaffes, but Gov. Palin is acting a little snarky and seems to be smiling or giggling every time Sen. Biden speaks.

Amusingly, she’s attempting to lecture Sen. Biden and to tell him What his positions are. More than a little Odd, but I’m betting the GOP Spins it as just being “Tough”. IMO, She’s simply using all the talking points but not really answering questions. She’s also speaking way too fast.

Sen. Biden is answering questions, keeping focused and getting better responses from the crowd according to CNN’s instant graph.

Thinkprogress is keeping track of the debate.

Update: According to CNN’s “Analyst Scorecard” Sen. Biden is winning.

Update II: That Odd. I’m betting the pundits won’t call it for Biden till morning.

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Sen. Joe Biden is Sen. Barack Obama’s running mate

Sen. Obama has selected Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate.

I think he’s a good choice but I suspect the Sen. Clinton supporters are crying in their beer right about now. Me, I like Sen. Biden and I’m curious as to how he handles the many attacks from the GOP. I’m betting we see the Swift Boaters rise up and make up some more lies. I mean, why stop now?

How Sen. McCain’s campaign will react? Will they start painting Sen. Biden as the “2nd most Liberal” in the Senate? Will they go after his Son?

I’m betting they go for the BS “Elitest” label.  Sen. McCain can’t remember key facts about world affairs (Remember when Sen. Lieberman corrected him at a press conference?), has more houses than he can count, fought against the new G.I. Bill (And tried to claim credit), etc. and Sen. Obama is “Elitest”?


I know! A Tell all “Book” that tells the “truth” about Sen. Biden! Hopefully, America is tired of such BS nonsense.

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