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Stubborn Telemarketers…

When a Telemarketer calls (Despite my being on the F___ing DO NOT CALL LIST) I try to be polite. The person on the other end is just trying to earn a living and likely not having a good time calling me up at home. I mean, Lets face it: Does anyone grow up and say “I want to be a Telemarketer Phone Operator!!”?

Usually the call goes something like this:
Telemarketer:Hi! can I speak to the Man of the house??
Me:(sigh) Who’s calling?
Telemarketer:I’m Kevin and I’d like to speak to you about your Gas Grill!
Me:Hi Kevin, How’s it going today?
Telemarketer:Um, I’m good! I’d like to tell you how you can save money…
Me:Yeah, That’s great. Please remove my number from your list
Telemarketer: “Um, OK..”
Me:Great! Take care! Bye!”

They NEVER remove my number from their list.

That being said, I just got a call at 5:30pm today on Saturday that the gentleman just would NOT get off the phone. It’s rare that I have to hang up on someone, but I sure had to today. Despite saying two times that I’m not interested, and to remove my number from their list, he just kept going. After saying twice “I’m not at all interested” I just ended up with “OK, I’m hanging up now, bye“. I half expected him to call me back!

These calls have been increasing lately. The MOST annoying is the Automated “Heather in Account Services, calling re your credit card account” nonsense that has hit our answering machine 3 times this week alone. I’ve actually hit “1” and try to get the name of the company, but the best I get is “We’re From VISA!”. I’ve written about it back in January and I seriously think it’s a phishing scheme to get my Info and or credit card number.

I have wonder: Do people really give their Credit Card info over the phone to a stranger who calls? I’ve never been interested in anything people try to sell over the phone, but even if I was, I’d tell them to mail me something and I’ll send it back.

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It has GOT to be Illegal

Credit CardsOk, I’m all for making a living as the next guy, but for the last few MONTHS, my wife and I have been getting messages on my answering machine saying (Paraphrasing):

Hi, We’re from your credit Card company, We’re calling about Your Credit Card Bill! Please hit 1 for an Operator!

Can we say “possible FRAUD, Boys and Girls?

They’ve called us during Dinner a few times too. I’ve asked repeatedly for our number to be taken Off the F____ing list and they say “OK” and hang up.

Today, On Martin Luthur King Day, They called YET again! Wits END

Ok, I calm down , Steel myself, and Hit “1”.

Operator: “Hi, are you interested in Reducing Your Credit Card Bills?”

Me (Smiley Voice): “Sort Of, I always looking out to save money in this time of Economic Gloom, but which one of My Credit Card Company do you Represent??”

Operator: “Well, We’re from Your VISA Card!”

Me: “Really? Which ONE Exactly? Would that be My Wa Mu Card?”
(NOTE: I don’t have a WaMu Card)

Operator: “Why, Yes, That’s the one. We represent ALL your Visa Cards!”

After going back and forth a few times, he would NOT identify the company.

Me (Slightly Annoyed Voice): “That’s Interesting, but What I REALLY want to know is, Why am I being called when I asked for my number to be removed three times already?? The Automated machine talking to my Answering machine is really annoying…”

Operator: “(sigh), Sir, all you need do is hit the ‘2’ Button…”

Me: “Really?, The Recording did not say that. It only said to hit ‘1’ to speak to someone.”

Operator: “Yes sir, It did. If you listened for another 20 seconds, you’d hear it”

Me: “Um, Noooo, I don’t think so, But What-Ever. Will You remove my number NOW???”

Operator: “Just hit the ‘2’ Button.”

Me: “What? Now? I don’t want to buzz it in your ear or anything…”

Operator: “Yes Sir, Now…”

Me: “(Stabbing The ‘2’ Button) Ok, Am I off the List?”

Operator: “Yes Sir.”

Me: “That’s great, have a nice day.”

Operator: “You too.(click)”

I swear, If I get one more call on our answering machine, I’m making an MP3 File and posting it online. I have nothing against the Operator. He’s just trying to make a living but this is ridiculous.

I’m on the “Do NOT Call List”! I have the sneaking suspicion that one of our credit cards is up to this. If I find out which one, I’m canceling my card…

Music I’m listening to right Now:
Suspicious Minds” by Fine Young Cannibals from the “Fine Young Cannibals” Album.