It has GOT to be Illegal

Credit CardsOk, I’m all for making a living as the next guy, but for the last few MONTHS, my wife and I have been getting messages on my answering machine saying (Paraphrasing):

Hi, We’re from your credit Card company, We’re calling about Your Credit Card Bill! Please hit 1 for an Operator!

Can we say “possible FRAUD, Boys and Girls?

They’ve called us during Dinner a few times too. I’ve asked repeatedly for our number to be taken Off the F____ing list and they say “OK” and hang up.

Today, On Martin Luthur King Day, They called YET again! Wits END

Ok, I calm down , Steel myself, and Hit “1”.

Operator: “Hi, are you interested in Reducing Your Credit Card Bills?”

Me (Smiley Voice): “Sort Of, I always looking out to save money in this time of Economic Gloom, but which one of My Credit Card Company do you Represent??”

Operator: “Well, We’re from Your VISA Card!”

Me: “Really? Which ONE Exactly? Would that be My Wa Mu Card?”
(NOTE: I don’t have a WaMu Card)

Operator: “Why, Yes, That’s the one. We represent ALL your Visa Cards!”

After going back and forth a few times, he would NOT identify the company.

Me (Slightly Annoyed Voice): “That’s Interesting, but What I REALLY want to know is, Why am I being called when I asked for my number to be removed three times already?? The Automated machine talking to my Answering machine is really annoying…”

Operator: “(sigh), Sir, all you need do is hit the ‘2’ Button…”

Me: “Really?, The Recording did not say that. It only said to hit ‘1’ to speak to someone.”

Operator: “Yes sir, It did. If you listened for another 20 seconds, you’d hear it”

Me: “Um, Noooo, I don’t think so, But What-Ever. Will You remove my number NOW???”

Operator: “Just hit the ‘2’ Button.”

Me: “What? Now? I don’t want to buzz it in your ear or anything…”

Operator: “Yes Sir, Now…”

Me: “(Stabbing The ‘2’ Button) Ok, Am I off the List?”

Operator: “Yes Sir.”

Me: “That’s great, have a nice day.”

Operator: “You too.(click)”

I swear, If I get one more call on our answering machine, I’m making an MP3 File and posting it online. I have nothing against the Operator. He’s just trying to make a living but this is ridiculous.

I’m on the “Do NOT Call List”! I have the sneaking suspicion that one of our credit cards is up to this. If I find out which one, I’m canceling my card…

Music I’m listening to right Now:
Suspicious Minds” by Fine Young Cannibals from the “Fine Young Cannibals” Album.

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