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Wow, 2 posts in 1 day!

Or how not to treat customers.

Ok, My wife and I get Studio photos taken of the us and our baby and then print out selected photos from the CD.  As they are professional, I take the CD jacket which has the license that says the images can be used for Non Commercial uses. This is in case Costco has any issues.

We’ve had no problem before but this time the the Manager comes out, cuts me off when I showed him the CD jacket and lectures me about “copyrights”. When I pointed out that the CD jacket has the license, he “reads” it and says otherwise (it actually has the license printed on it) and turns away.  I asked his co-worker (in front of him) what the remedy is. Shocking: He took less then 15 seconds to get the form where I certify I have the right to reproduce my photos…

I don’t have a problem with Costco covering their Collective Ass, I do have a problem with rude “managers” who can’t read.  Next Time I print anything there, If he gets rude like that, I’m filing a complaint.

Costco: You really might want to get managers that can read what is in front of them and NOT cut people off.

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Nothing. My wife and I are watching the Oscar pre show on E! channel.

Random Silly Tip

Multiple free Email accounts are a good thing. Every now and again, I want to log into a forum site that has info I need, but I don’t want to be spammed. Nowadays, with Gmail, Yahoo, etc, it’s easy to have multiple free email accounts and quite useful.

Anytime you want to sign on to a new Forum, just use your disposable email account.  That way, you won’t care if you get SPAM on that account, it’s not the one you give your friends.

On that topic, for a primary email address I recommend GMail. I’ve changed ISP’s several times and rather than give out a new email address to all my friends, I just continue to use my Gmail address. Also: Email has very good Anti Spam defense.

Just be sure you keep DIFFERENT passwords. That’s the number one mistake people make, ONE password for all accounts.

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“Slice” by “Five for Fighting” from the “Slice” Album. Hear it here on YouTube.

Catch Up

Been a while, so I figured I post something, being 2011 that is…

Baby: Our daughter is getting really big, she’s healthy, chatty and social. To put it mildly, my wife and I are incredibly happy.

Hobby: Still assembling Gundam models, currently working on a RG MS-06S Char’s Zaku. Slow going, but getting there. The Detail on the 1/144 scale RG is amazing.

FIOS: Frankly, the speed is getting ridiculous.  Above you have the speed test from December 2009 and below from February 2011…

Android: Been playing around with Android OS (It’s Linux) lately.  Lot of good things about it and I like that you can get in there via ADB and look around. The ADB terminal sucks, but with a little work, you can start an SSH server, limit it to loopback and connect via ADB port forwarding.

Music I’m listening to right Now:
“Chances” by “Five for Fighting” from the “Slice” Album.