New Toy…

Ok, some people would say the HTC Incredible is not a Toy, but I feel I’m being honest by calling it that. In my case: I can do without it, but just felt like getting one. This post is NOT a review, there are plenty of reviews out there; this is just my personal impression of the phone.

For me, the attraction was using it as a Phone as well as the free apps that you can get for it. Being an Android phone, you can get some impressive Google apps such as Google Maps (and Navigation!), Google Voice, and my personal favorite Google Skymap.

Skymap is very cool as I’ve been interested in Astronomy since my father 1st got a telescope when I was in grade school.

More after the break.

Lets break this into sections:

Battery life: I use this phone on the bus, work, home (wifii), street, etc so I pretty much have to charge it daily.  For me this is not a problem as I have an extra USB cable and it’s able to be charged via Window PC, Linux PC, and MAC. Basically, I can plug it into and computer for charging.

EMail Client: My EMail is hosted on GMail and I’ve used the SSL IMAP client on the phone, the GMAIL app and the Gmail Web page.  All have advantages, but mostly I use the GMail app. I’m allegedly able to connect it to work email via IMAP and/or Exchange client but I have not tried that yet. I’ll try and report back here.

Applications: This is the major strength of smart phones. Screen grabs below taken via Android SDK. I’ve used the Google Navigator, the FIOS remote control and various other apps too. So far all the apps I’ve loaded are free apps. If I feel like buying one, I would but so far there has been no need.

Build of phone: It’s a pretty solid phone over all. I have a case on it and a film screen protector as well. I actually dropped it while waiting for the bus (case on) and luckily, no damage.

Verizon Wireless: I have the Speedtest app so I can take a reading of the wireless speed of Verizon Wireless network. That speedtest below was while in Manhattan. I’d be curious what the ATT wireless speed looks like in the same location.

Over all: I like it.  It’s pricey, but if you can get it, do so.  Also, it looks like it will get 720P video soon.

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