Daily Archives: November 22, 2008

Sony Noise Canceling headphones

Sony MDR-NC7

Recently I purchased a pair of Sony Noise Canceling headphones (Model MDR-NC7) so I could listen to my Ipod on the subway. I got  my pair at the Sony store in Tanger outlet.

It’s not the best pair, but  for the money, I’m quite pleased with it. It allows me to listen to music on the subway without blasting the volume on my Ipod. Since it covers 87% of the background noise, I can still hear things around me. I’ve noticed that on the sidewalk, the randomness of the street noise gets the best of the Noise Canceling circuit. It’s not really a problem as even without the Noise Canceling turned on it’s a good pair of headphones that fold up and come with a fabric bag to store them in. I also like that the single AAA battery used for the Noise Canceling circuit is in the left side. Other models such as MDR-NC40 put the battery inline to the headset connector.

I think it was a good buy and have recommended them to my co-workers.

They come in Black or White, I got a black pair.

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