Overheard in the supermarket…

amd_obamabarack.jpgSunday I was in the supermarket and overheard this from a worker there:

If Obama is the President, OSAMA will be the Vice President!

This is one of the things I’m afraid of: people believing the misinformation that exists about Sen. Obama. Even some my co-workers, people who read the news paper, thought Sen. Obama is Islamic (he’s actually a Christian) and would not vote for him on that basis alone.

After 8 years of stunning incompetence, a disregard for the law, and various other things, Sen. John McCain may win due to misinformation put out by the GOP and their allies.

Music I’m listening to right Now:
Won’t Go Home Without You” by Maroon 5 from the “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” Album. You can see the video here.

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