Dept. of Homeland Security Outsourcing Law Enforcement??

Dept. of Homeland Security LogoIMO, This is more evidence that the GW Bush Administration does not really care about Security.

From USA Today (emphasis is mine):

WASHINGTON – Airlines are protesting a government plan that would require them to take fingerprints of foreign travelers as they fly out of the USA, saying it could create massive lines at airport check-in counters.
The Homeland Security Department, which currently fingerprints foreigners coming into U.S. airports, wants airlines to be responsible for taking fingerprints as these travelers leave.

Follow that logic: The Department of Homeland Security is so concerned about Security, that they want the Airlines to do part of their job.

Ignoring the privacy issues here (Anyone happy with a Corporation storing travelers Finger Prints?!?): How serious are they if they seek to outsource it? Wasn’t this kind of thinking one of the problems that lead to 9/11??

I’m not sure fingerprinting will solve any problems, but if it does why would DHS want to outsourced?

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