End User Agreements

LegalRecently, I was connecting to an online service and an "updated" End user agreement popped up in a Tiny window. Now, I always read these things so I Cut and Pasted the text into Notepad and carefully check it out prior to hitting the "Accept" button.

I wonder, How many people do that? IMO, These online services use a small window with a scroll bar in the hope that people will just hit "Accept" button without realizing that they may have just agreed to something contrary to thier best wishes. There are plenty of sweepstakes that, when you sign up, you agree to allow telemarketers to call you.

That's just one example. On a more serious note, some banks give out your personal information based on your accepting that agreement to "affiliates" (i.e. Anyone who pays for it…). I've annoyed people at Cell phone stores by taking my sweet time reading the service agreement prior to signing.   

I know not everyone does it, but people really should read everything they agree too. 

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