Eating healthier

Lunch Eating healthy when under the weather is a chore. I'm getting convinced that whatever tastes good has an excellent chance of being unhealthy unless it's in moderation.

I wouldn't say I'm on a diet but just trying to balance what I eat. At the moment, I try to have an occasional salad of mixed greens with either Tuna fish or chicken.  Here is a photo I took of one of my lunch last week.

Another way I try to eat better is to avoid junk food. Sounds easy, but I find I'm used to eating a Bag of chips and drinking a Coca Cola when I have a sandwich. While very tasty it's not very conducive to a healthy diet…

Finally, my wife Janny is a great cook and careful about what we eat. On top of this, she's teaching me how to cook too.

Music I'm listening to right Now:

"World" by Five for Fighting from the "Two Lights" Album.
Heard this on the radio and like many other great songs, it tells a story. John Ondrasik is "Five for Fighting" and his songs are really good. That Album also has "The Riddle" and "Policeman's Xmas Party".

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