You know your getting old when…

When someone you last saw as a little girl years ago is now a pretty young lady.

It seemed like only yesterday that I helped her father build a swing set in their backyard, and now she's a college student and an actress guest staring on two different prime time television shows.

I went to college with her aunt (who was at my wedding) and have known that entire family for a long time. Recently, we got a Christmas card from them and I called them up to see how they are all doing. It was really nice to catch up after all this time and we'll all have dinner  in a couple  of weeks.

Off hand, 2007 is starting right. 

Music I'm listening to right Now:

"The Birthday Song" by Corrinne May from the "Safe in a Crazy World" Album. 

Image of a swing set from Rusticwoodland. 


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