Keith Olbermann Special Comment on “Sacrifice”

Keith Olbermann is in fine form here raising excellent points yet again. It’s easy for a politician like President GW Bush to speak of sacrifice when others need pay it. While I support our troops, I was never a supporter of this war. I never bought into the “WMD”, or 9/11 connection either. This “New And Improved Plan” sounds like more of the same horrible planning on the part of the administration. This “Surge” sounds to me to be exactly what Keith Olbermann says it is, just a political ploy to say Iraq wasn’t lost on his watch.

On a semi related note: I refuse to watch Saddam Hussein’s “Snuff” film. No, I’m not at all a Saddam Hussein fan, I just think videotaping anyone’s execution is barbaric and should not have been shown on television for children to see. It should not have been put on the Internet for juvenile and sadistic minds to enjoy either. To make matters horribly worse: Three Children in different countries hung themselves after viewing Saddam Hussein’s execution. Way to Go “News” Media…

The FCC goes Ape about Janet Jackson’s exposed boob, complain about graphic violence and yet take no action about a Snuff film. I guess this Administration considers video taping the execution a part of Republican family values.

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Big Bang Baby” by Stone Temple Pilots from the “Tiny Music…Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop ” Album.

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