2006 is done

And away it goes.

To be honest, I'm glad it's behind us. This past year wasn't a bad one but it had some tragic low points that everyone could do without. 

The New Year brings on the hope and expectation of things which we're really looking forward to. I'm not a fan of Resolutions but I do have a small agenda for this year.

  1. Once the snow starts, I'll be taking my nephew and possibly my niece skiing for the first time. Kids on skis always amazes me as they have no fear of falling or getting hurt. Me, I've sprained both ankles, one knee, dislocated my shoulder, various bruises and despite that my sister-in-law still wants me to teach them!
    Should be great fun. 😉

  2. I also want (need!) to finish some home improvement projects. Nothing major, but since we entertain, I really should get around to painting all the rooms. 
  3. Learn to cook. My wife is a great cook, but I'd like her to come home and actually have dinner ready for her. I'm getting there, but I still have a way to go…

That's about it. I have some career goals, but I tend to keep that to myself. This is a picture of my cat, Harry who turns ten this year.

I wish everyone a Happy and Safe New Year.

Music I'm listening to right Now:
"How to Save a Life" by The Fray from the "How To Save A Life" Album.  

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