DxO Optics Pro V4

 DXOUpon attending a session of my Wife's photography class, the professor, Chuck Delaney made reference to DxO Optics Pro being good software for processing images. It's available for Trial download and supports many different Camera/Lens combinations.

Unfortunately, it does not yet support my AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-200mm in combination with my Nikon D80. But it does support the Nikon D70s with that  lens, so I used an image I took in August as a test. It does support the D80 so the other functions worked very well, just not Automatic Lens correction.

Basically, I fired it up, loaded the image and let it go to work. The results are pretty good and took a lot less time if I were doing it via Photoshop.

I also used it to Batch process close to a hundred photos I took at a Birthday party. With the exception of three photographs where the Flash didn't fire, everything looked great. It automatically processed my NEF files (I shoot in RAW),  got the White Balance just about perfect and Skin tones looked good too. If I were shooting a wedding (several hundred images, easily) I'd want to use this software as it was very easy to set up.

Since it doesn't support my Camera/Lens combination yet, I'll hold off, but once it does I'm sure thinking about it. The price it's going for isn't bad and it worked fin with my Old Desktop PC (circa 2001) running a Pentium 4 and 1 GB of RAM.

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