Interesting Point on a CNN Article

Rumsfeld has an Article which discusses the latest GOP Buzzword, Fascism. It's interesting to me as Politicians of all parties like to use Buzzwords to "Clarify" issues but frankly, the GOP are experts at getting their talking points out.

In this case, "fascism" is used to make a comparison to the "War on Terror" to World War II. As the article mentions, I'm not sure it's a valid comparison. "Islamic fascism" makes for a good sound bite, but, IMO, is dangerous since people will lump all Islamic groups as Fascists and Demonizing a culture for the actions of a relative few would be a great mistake.

Political pundits have been using this term for quite sometime, but as elections in November approaches, I bet we see more and more politicians jumping on the band wagon as well. 

Update: As Cooks and Liars points out,  Keith Olberman holds Donald Rumsfeld to task for his. Keith Olberman makes some very good points and comparisons.

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