Daily Archives: August 31, 2006

Sony GPS-CS1

GPS Device One of my hobbies is photography, another is programing (Also My Job…). I've written a couple of MT Plugins to create Yahoo Maps or Google Maps in a Movable Type Entry.

Sony has introduced the GPS-CS1 that
might allow me to easily combine the two.

It's a pretty simple idea:

  • Set the clock on your camera and the GPS-CS1 to match your computer.
  • Keep the GPS-CS1 with your camera.
  • When you got for a Photostroll , turn the GPS-CS1 on.
  • Take photos as you would and when your done, turn off the GPS-CS1.
  • Upload your photo's to your PC as you normally would
  • Use the "GPS Image Tracker" Software to update your Jpeg files with the longitude and latitude based on the matching time stamp.

I'm hoping  it downloads the data to a usable format like a Text file of some sort so i can make use of it for my own uses. If it does, I'll try to modify my MTYahooMaps plugin to take advantage of the Coordinates in the Jpeg EXIF data.

Here is a screen shot  of the software as shown on CNET .

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