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Sony GPS-CS1

GPS Device One of my hobbies is photography, another is programing (Also My Job…). I've written a couple of MT Plugins to create Yahoo Maps or Google Maps in a Movable Type Entry.

Sony has introduced the GPS-CS1 that
might allow me to easily combine the two.

It's a pretty simple idea:

  • Set the clock on your camera and the GPS-CS1 to match your computer.
  • Keep the GPS-CS1 with your camera.
  • When you got for a Photostroll , turn the GPS-CS1 on.
  • Take photos as you would and when your done, turn off the GPS-CS1.
  • Upload your photo's to your PC as you normally would
  • Use the "GPS Image Tracker" Software to update your Jpeg files with the longitude and latitude based on the matching time stamp.

I'm hoping  it downloads the data to a usable format like a Text file of some sort so i can make use of it for my own uses. If it does, I'll try to modify my MTYahooMaps plugin to take advantage of the Coordinates in the Jpeg EXIF data.

Here is a screen shot  of the software as shown on CNET .

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Interesting Point on a CNN Article

Rumsfeld has an Article which discusses the latest GOP Buzzword, Fascism. It's interesting to me as Politicians of all parties like to use Buzzwords to "Clarify" issues but frankly, the GOP are experts at getting their talking points out.

In this case, "fascism" is used to make a comparison to the "War on Terror" to World War II. As the article mentions, I'm not sure it's a valid comparison. "Islamic fascism" makes for a good sound bite, but, IMO, is dangerous since people will lump all Islamic groups as Fascists and Demonizing a culture for the actions of a relative few would be a great mistake.

Political pundits have been using this term for quite sometime, but as elections in November approaches, I bet we see more and more politicians jumping on the band wagon as well. 

Update: As Cooks and Liars points out,  Keith Olberman holds Donald Rumsfeld to task for his. Keith Olberman makes some very good points and comparisons.

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Real Wages Fail to Match a Rise in Productivity

CashAccording to the NY Times, Real Wages fail to match a rise in Productivity. The Article also notes: At the same time, corporate profits have climbed to their highest share since the 1960’s.

What a A big Shock. Don’t know about other industries, but Information Technology has been like that for at least 4 years. This isn’t so much a Corporate Issue as much as people want the best but are unwilling to pay for it.

To make life more amusing, Corporations look at their I.T. staff as if we are merely a “Cost Center” and nothing more. That attitude always amuses me as, Yes, the Business partner generates direct revenue, but can they do it without the services provided by I.T.? I think not.

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Evil Trackback SPAM – Part II

Can of SpamOnce again, I have victimized by Evil Trackback SPAM. This time, rather than put annoying Trackback links to Porn/Drug/Make Money Sites, the sheer volume of it hitting my server was causing me performance issues. Even with Trackbacks turned off MT still invokes mt-tb.cgi when hit. This happened enough to start slowing the server down, so I've blocked access to that file via the web server.

Now I still get hit, but the server just denies access and continues on it's merry way.

Image of a can of Hormel Spam which, IMO, tastes good with Scrambled Eggs and white rice. 


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Damn, I’ve been busy…


But it's been All good. Among other things:

  • My wife and I took a trip to Toronto. it was great and I'll post Images on Flickr soon. Among other places we checked out CN Tower, Ontario Place, Casa Loma, The Chinese Lantern Festival, Niagara Falls and walked about Downtown Toronto.
  • Lot's of things to do at work. Sounds bad, but Summer is usually dead at work and this is an improvement.
  • Nearly done with various home improvement projects.
  • Getting to do lots of photography during walks.  The weather is finally being reasonable…

In short, Life is busy but good. I can't believe that it's nearly the end of summer!

If you've never been to Toronto, I highly recommended it. We stayed with some friends of mine and met some people that I've corresponded with via Flickr. I've always thought that my wife, Janny, takes better photo's than I do and on this trip she took my Camera and shot away. I'm hoping to convince her to participate on Flickr and share some of her shots. With a little luck she'll develop a severe case of flickritis and get hooked on Flickr…

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Image from CN Tower Web site.