Crazy Gas prices and other things

Gas Gage Heard the President on the News this morning for the Today show. It was during his photo Op in a Dune Buggy .  Among other things He seems to think that the Economy is doing fine. 

He must have a different idea of what "Fine" is then I do. The Consumer Price Index is up , Gasoline prices are out of control, and the Stock market has taken a Dive  for three days this week. Both Congress and the President have made the usual noise about "Price Gouging". I just paid over $52 dollars to fill a 17 gallon tank. Oil corporations are making record profits (After they cook the books no less!) and the politicians do nothing.

Normally, when a President presides over such an unhappy population (Think he can go below 25% Approval rating?) , his party is in big trouble come midterm elections. 

Here is what I think will happen:

  • The GOP will again attempt make "National Security" the Buzzword of the midterm elections. The so called "Liberal Media" will help paint the Democrats as "Weak" on National Security by repeating the same thing. (Face it: Both Parties take the same stand on "National Security")
  • The GOP will go on to "Defend" Marriage with this B/S "Marriage Amendment". For a party that once claimed to "Keep out of the Bedroom" they sure like to get in it.
  • The GOP will continue to make "Tax Breaks" for rich people. In the last 5 Years, My Tax burden has been pretty much the same. In fact, I can't think of anyone I know who has personally benefited from these so called "Tax Breaks". I must not know the right people.
  • The GOP will continue to Balk at the Presidents Agenda since he's approaching the point where he will be the most unpopular President in the last 50 years.
  • The President will not make many campaign appearances due to his popularity.

The Democrats could possible take back the House and the Senate, but I'm confidant that they will screw it up. I hope they do take the Senate and House, but I'm not betting on it. At the least, it would make the President nervous which has it's own entertainment value. People think that the President would be impeached, but I doubt it. If he was Impeached, Vice President "Shoot First" Cheney would become President (ignoring the joke about him running the White House anyway).

The House and Senate seem to bark at all the right times, but their bite is somewhat lacking. They all Bark about how bad it is to spy on US Citizens in the 50 States, but do Nothing when it comes time to exercise any over site. One of the strengths of our form of Government is checks and Balances. Under this administration, there doesn't seem to be any.

IMO, This current class in the Senate and House are scared that they will look weak on "National Security". Sen. Arlen Spector is, IMO, the worst one. He's really good at making statements questioning the NSA Domestic Surveillance program, not so good at follow up on it. 

Music I'm listening to now:
"My Own Worst Enemy" by Lit from "A Place in the Sun " album.


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