IMO, The Gov’t of Maine has crazy companies Sub Contracting for it

 Maine Web Report is being sued by an Advertising Agency in the employ of the Maine Office or Tourism (MOT).

The long and short of it is this: Lance Dutson operates the Maine Web Report and has been critical of MOT. He pointed out some rather embarrassing things about the MOT Web site (loved the Visit Maine graphic with the 800 "Chat" Number on it!), some Odd testimony about Not being able to track where people go from the Site (Not quite true) and other irregularities.

This is an Odd situation. One would think an Advertising agency would be a little better equipped to handle a disagreement than this. Go read about it on Maine Web Report site. I first read about this on Crooks and Liars Site. 

Want to help? 

  • To start with: Email the Gov't of Maine. Start with the Governor, Be Polite and respectful (Seriously!). I'd post the Email here but some SPAMERS would pick it up. Look up the site on the Web, get the EMail address and POLITELY speak your mind. It might not be read, but if enough people hit One Email Address, it will get attention. 
  • Look up the MOT 800 Number and Call them. Again, be polite, the person on the other end is NOT responsible and, just like you and me,  is earning a living. If the person is short with you, keep in mind that he/she probably has fielded a lot of phone calls and might be a little tired. Ask to speak to someone about this situation or what MOT's "position" on this is. Do they normally employ Agencies that sue their Citizens?
  • Tell people about this. No, I don't mean Mass Email all your friends. Just Talk about it. You'd be surprised how news media will pick up on things just via conversation.
  • Post a Blog entry and ping Technorati.  At this writing, 230 Blogs reference "Lance Dutson"

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