Nikon 18-200mm DX VR Lens is on it’s way!

18-200 DX VR III am a very Happy Camper! I just got an email that my new 18-200mm DX VR lens is on it's Way. This is my birthday present from my Wife! Needless to say, she's the best!

I was a little surprised to get that shipping notice since I've only ordered it two weeks ago. I thought that there would be at least a month wait to get it. This lens is in high demand and no store can keep it in stock.

I take a lot of walks and this will come in very handy. I'm currently using the Kit lens, the 18-70mm DX lens that comes with the Nikon D70s kit. I'm very happy with the lens , but I'm really looking forward to the new lens. 

Music I'm listening to now:
"Angel in Disguise" by Corrinne May
from her "Safe in a Crazy World" album.


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