Daily Archives: April 1, 2006


As I may have mention before,I'm a professional programmer by trade. My usual weapon of choice is PERL, but I've programed Visual Basic, C/C++, RPG, etc. I think I became a programmer because I'm Lazy and I'd rather a machine do what I'd rather not. I also like to make things and seeing a program work as designed without breaking anything gives me a feeling of satisfaction.

Back to the PERL script for copying Nikon NEF files: When I first wrote it, it used the last modified time of the file to determine when I took it. Conceptually, that last modified time may be different than the actual date I took the photo. After a little research (Google IS a useful tool) I found the ExifTool PERL Module written by Phil Harvey. Now, instead of relying on the Last Modified date, it pulls the Date from the 'DateTimeOriginal' embedded into the Nikon NEF file. It's a very simple script, but it's fun to tinker with a program that is made just for my uses.

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"Experiment IV" by Kate Bush from their "The Whole Story" Album,