The Root of the problem

Roto-RooterOne of the perils of being a homeowner is that unexpected things come up. In this case, Tree roots have invaded my sewer line. I did what I did last time (over three years ago) and called Roto-Rooter.

The Long and short of it is: The drain pipe is bent, near the street, allowing roots to grow in where the water seeps out. It took over an hour to properly clear the tree roots from the pipe. They came quicky and it's under warranty for six months so I'm not terribly unhappy. 

As an interim solution, this works. Long term, I'll be pouring 2 pounds of Root Destroyer (Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate) into the reap every 6 months. This should kill the tree roots near the pipe without killing the tree (Which is illegal in NYC…).

The alternative to this is to replace the sewer line which would caost a lot more money than I'd care to spend. I suppose I'll just have to wait and see.

Music I'm listening to now:
"In My Life" by The Beatles from thier "Rubber Soul " album.


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