In the near future, I’ll be going snorkeling and I got some equipment to make this a little easier…

A good Mask and breathing tube obviously helps!

And of course, I need to take pictures. Not owning a waterproof camera, I purchased the matching waterproof housing. In this case, I got a Canon WP-DC800 for my Canon S410 It’s Rated for a depth of 130 feet, far deeper than I’d ever go.

It’s very Solid, has a double glass plane for the lens and a Locking clasp. That’s a Flash defuser on the Top right. It has a plate that is removable (attached by a nylon string) to adjust how much defusion you want.

All the buttons and menus are accessible via the external sealed buttons.


A better view of the flash Defuser.

The camera fits very snugly. According to the instructions, you’re supposed to remove the strap prior to putting it in the camera, but it fits fine without interfering with anything as the instructions indicate. (NOTE: Do this at your own risk as the instructions say don’t do this)


There is a black rubber tube surrounding the lens. This is to keep stray light out, I think.

When I test it in a Pool, I’ll post the pictures

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