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Keith Olbermann Special Comment

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Many people assume that since GW Bush is a frequent target of Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment that he’ll ignore anything other people say. Quite frankly, this is not the case as he demonstrated on his March 12th show. I read about it at the Huffington Post (transcript) and have to say: He nails the issues perfectly.

I know Sen. Clinton wants to be the next president, but the actions Mr. Olbermann calls her out on make me wonder if she should be the next president. After 8 years of incompetence in the GW Bush adminstration, A democrat getting elected should be a no brainer, but the way this is playing out makes me wonder.

If the Democratic Party blows it, Sen. John McCain seems to be running a campaign where he’ll act as the Third Term of GW Bush. Frankly, that would be a disaster for the United States as we’re in horrible shape now and can’t continue in the direction we’ve been going in. The Right Wing policies of the GOP just aren’t working (Unless your Bear Stearns of course…) and The Democratic Party, while holding a majority in the House and Senate, can’t seem to develop the backbone needed to change the path we’re on.

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