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Painting a Plastic Model (Bandai MG Rick Dias)

 parts I'm done assembling a MG Rick Dias pictured in the previous post.  Here is a shot of the Red pieces after painting.

For painting, I followed these steps:

  1. Assemble the model for a test fit. I cut the pegs to make pulling it apart easier.
  2. Sort the parts by color.
  3. Clean the parts with mild soap and  water and let dry.
  4. Put the individual pieces on bamboo skewers via masking tape.
  5. Find a place with lots of ventilation and good light and cover the parts with Tamiya Surface Primer.
  6. Let it dry, and then I painted it with Tamiya TS8-Italian Red.

more parts Next, I'll prime and paint the Maroon pieces. I'll try to document the process a little better for the people that asked (Needless to say, I'm not exposing my Nikon D80 to the paint while painting!). After it's all painted and has decals, I'll put a clear coat on all the pieces for protection.

BTW, if your interested in models based on Japanese Anime such as "Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta", you'd be wise to check out Image Anime on 103 West 30th Street, between 6th & 7th Ave. Besides having a good selection and competitive prices, they have a friendly staff. In my case, it's conviently near my work so I can get more paint at lunch (I ran out of Italian red and really screwed up a part or two…)

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MG Gyan

mg-gyanOk, I’m *trying* to save money but Bandai is NOT making it easy.

Danny Choo was nice enough to scan images from Hobby Japan and Dengeki Hobby on his Web Site. It’s looking like areally good kit and looks incredibly posable. I have quite a queue of models waiting to be assembled and painted, but this is VERY tempting to get.

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All These Things That I’ve Done” by The Killers from his “All These Things That I’ve Done” album.

Image from www.dannychoo.com

Building a PG Mk II


I’ve started building a Perfect Grade RX-178 Gundam Mk- A.E.U.G.

Building these is a hobby I’ve been doing for a few years. It keeps me out of trouble and is, frankly, fun.

As for the model I think the proportion is off, but like almost all of Bandai’s Perfect Grade models it has a Nice level of detail.

Box photo from Hobbysearch

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MG Aile Strike Gundam – Arms and Lower Torso

DSC_2464.jpgNot much of an update but Here is an arm. The white armor on the forearm is removable to allow viewing of the details underneath.

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MG Aile Strike Gundam – Slight update

DSC_2436.jpgJust a little more photo’s of my progress. I was able to finish the Torso, head and start on the arms prior to going to work.

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MG Aile Strike Gundam

Building Yet Another Master Grade by Bandai. I’ve been so busy this last year and a half that I haven’t had the chance to build one of these. Since I’ve gotten back into photography, I figured “Why not document building it?”

Image cropped from Hobby Search.

Update: I had a link going straight to the Item on the Hobbysearch Web site, but the really long link kept choking Movable Type. Weird. 10/25/2005 – Seems to work now.

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