Battlestar Galactica Series Finale

Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Promo shotAll good things must come to end and Battlestar Galactica had it’s series finale last night.

I find I have mixed feelings about the final episode, which I will discuss after the break.

I really liked the show but agree with the decision to end it. The best stories have a beginning and an end and while I have some issues with the ending, Battlestar Galactica had a decent ending.

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Where do I begin? Overall, I liked the episode, I just find the ultimate ending just a little disappointing.

The first half of the episode was amazing. The plan to get Hera back was certainly original and daring.  Jumping right by the Colony and ramming the ship into it?The flash backs were interesting and worked well into the story too.

The second half was seriously odd in many ways. The survivors decide to completely  ditch Technology? That sounds like a great idea up until people start to die from simple infections.  What would they do for shelter or clothing? The baseship had manufacturing capability so wouldn’t they utilize it for shelter prior to the Centurions taking it away?

It would have made more sense to me if they 1st established settlements and just went low tech. With no maintenance or resources, the old technology would have died off and not been replaced.  That would mean that after a generation or two, they’d be in a bronze age at best. After 150K years, it would have the same result.

My thoughts:
Boomer: Well, that was not unexpected. Nice of her to get a clue and save Hera, albeit a bit late. After all, what did she think Cavil had planed? That had to be a little weird for Grace Park to shoot herself.

Starbuck: Huh. Was she ever there? Or just a ghost? That  was really Odd and will leave people debating it for years.

Lee Adama: IMO, his suggestion was way out of character and ultimately would doom the ~38K survivors to disease and famine. How did he get from keeping the Civilization together to “Lets go our separate ways”? Like I said, really out of character for him.

Admiral Adama: IMO, also out of character. I can understand him going off when Laura Roslin died, but going off and becoming a hermit? With a Raptor and Never see his son again? I’m not seeing it.

The Final Five:
Tory: Well, she had it coming and standing next to Galen was obviously NOT a good idea.
Galen: Him taking a “I Just want to be alone” was an extreme reaction too.
Saul and Ellen Tigh: From the looks of it, they went to a different location from Admiral Adama. After spending so many years by the Admiral’s side Saul would go his separate way and never see his old friend again?
Sam Anders: His  fate was sad, but left Starbuck able to continue her life or in her case, just disappear.

The Rebel Centurions:  Still out there. Maybe a special down the road?

The Rebel Cylons: Did they ever manage to reproduce? If not, did they just die off? Seems likely.

The Other Cylons: Are all the Ones, Four’s and Five’s all gone? The episode did not show any enemy Baseships in it, but the previous episode mentioned others jumping in. Granted, if they can’t reproduce, they are gone within a 100 years. John Cavil’s demise was a little unexpected by me but within character.

The Fleet:  Diving into the Sun leaving only what the survivors can carry? With no one objecting?

Karl and Sharon Agathon: They teased us with that one. It looked like Karl was a goner but he in fact makes it.

Baltar’s Virtual Six and Caprica-Six’s Virtual Baltar: Ok, they are real and apparently Angels. Huh.

Hera: She’s Mitochondrial Eve?!? That’s her great destiny? Another “Odd”. Here we thought she would have an affect on the future of the Cylon Civilization.

Honestly, I thought it would end differently with only Baltar, Caprica Six, and Hera being the sole survivors especially with the Opera House sequence and everyone dying to get them free.

All the main players survived the final battle (Who parks a colony orbiting a Black Hole?) and was half expecting the Black Hole to play into Starbucks fate.

While I’m glad they found a 2nd “Earth”. The fly by of the 1st earth shows a recognizable North America and this one has a recognizable Australia and Africa (I may have missed North America). Naturally, it’s a paradise but it has uncivilized Humans on it. Very Dues Ex Machina, IMO.

It was definitely Different and I bet fans debate it for years to come.

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