LASIK Eye surgery

lasik-steps1Well, I got LASIK Eye Surgery yesterday. I’m happy with the results and I thought I’d describe how it went.

I was a little nervous (By far, this was NOT the hardest procedure I’ve had) but looking forward to it. Janny and I got there early, checked in and waited in the room outside the procedure area. First off, they give you a hair net and booties. This is too keep the room with the equipment completely clean.

Prior to the surgery, a nurse explained the procedure to each of us. There were several people queued up and we had different procedures so the nurse explained the procedures to the two groups.  Then we were to be seen by the Doctor and checked out one last time.

The doctor picked me first, so I went to the examination room, reviewed my file with the doctor, and got one more eye exam. After that, I was taken to the procedure room where they again explained exactly what was going to happen. After lying down,  they put drops in my eye that numbed the eye. It must of numbed the eyelids too since they next put in clips to keep my eye lids open and I only felt a mild pressure.

Before anything was about to occur, the Doctor spoke to me and explained what step was about to happen. For the entire procedure, I was told to stay focused on the blinking light in the middle of a lighted circle.  They did my right eye first followed by my left eye.

Other than a slight motor noise (for the blade I think) and the clicking of the laser (sounds like a relay clicking on and off), that pretty much was it. I was so focused on paying attention to the blinking light and the Doctor’s voice, that it seemed to be over really quick. It seemed to me that it only took a few minutes and my first thought after wards was “That’s it?

After it was done, I was taken to a separate waiting room and told to keep my eyes shut.  The room was kept dark and the chair was an recliner and the nurse told me that I could take a nap if I liked.

After 15 minutes, I was asked to keep a pair of goggles on all day and not go to sleep until after 9:00pm (to give the eye proper exposure to Oxygen). I was also given eye drops and a schedule to apply the eye drops for the next several days. For the next several days, when I sleep, I have to wear a pair of face hugging goggles and I can’t touch my eyes.

Immediately after the procedure my vision was improved.  It didn’t really hit me until I woke up in the middle of the night and can see the clock clearly. Today, other than occasional dry eye and a slight halo around lights, my vision is even better. I went back this morning for a check up and everything is fine. I also met the other people who had the surgery after me and they were fine too.

Now If I can only find my pair of Ray Ban sunglasses…

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