The Ease of getting into Photography

As many people know, I carry my camera with me everyday. It’s easy, not too heavy and you never now what or who you will come across in New York City. Since it’s all digital there is no such thing as a wasted shot as you can just delete it. Unlike film cameras, you don’t need to print them either. You can host them on a variety of sited from Flickr (my personal favorite), Smugmug, Pbase or many others. Many people don’t host their images but just keep them on their PC and simply print their best shots.

This is exactly why Digital SLR’s are becoming so popular. At work, several of my co-workers (5 so far and another seriously considering it) are spending the extra cash to get a Digital SLR instead of a point and shoot camera. The initial cost is high, but the camera lasts for years with proper maintenance (Sensor Cleaning).

You have a wide selection of Digital SLR’s too. I have a Nikon D80, but Nikon’s makes the Nikon D60 which is sold at Costco as a package that includes the 18-55mm VR and 55-200mm VR lens for $874 (at this writing). Its’ a good camera, shoots at 10.2 Mega pixels and is like all Nikon cameras, very ergonomic. For variety, Costco also offers a Canon Rebel XSi with a 18-55mm IS Lens for $879 as well. Me, I prefer Nikon as I like the feel and ergonomics of the controls but you really can’t go wrong with any Digital SLR. All of them have a rich feature set.

Over $800 is not cheap but when you take into account that a Digital SLR used to start at over $1,200, it’s coming into a range that people can begin to consider buying one. Often people ask me what camera they should get and I ask them what will they use it for and how often. That’s a key consideration when buying a camera. If you just want an occasional photo for a party or something light and small, use a Point and Shoot. If you want something to give you room to grow, get a DSLR. This will sound Odd but How the camera feels in your hand is also important. When taking photos, you don’t want to be distracted by a camera that feels Odd. That’s why you should always check out the camera in advance before buying.

My brother thought about buying one (he ended up buying one shortly afterwards) and I’ve advised him to do it. He has kids, enjoys taking photos and I think he’ll enjoy his new Nikon D60 too.

At lunch, I go for walks and take my camera with me. At this point, I have at least 3 co-workers who want me to take them and give them tips on taking photos. Should be fun, but I imagine we will look like a bunch of tourists. Next, I have to get them to get a Tripod for shots like this one.

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